Confirmed Symposia


Current State-of-the-Art Micro and Nanoscale Analytical Techniques

Dr. J. Christian, SRNL

Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

Prof. W. Wei, U. Florida

Anisotropic Nanostructures: Fabrication and Applications

Dr. S. Murph, SRNL

Environmental Radiochemistry

Prof. B. Powell, Clemson

Pu-238 Production and Use

Dr. E. Fox, SRNL

Alternative Science Careers

Dr. G. Fugate, ORNL
Cope Scholar

Cope Scholar Symposium

Prof. S. Townsend, Vanderbilt; recognizing Prof. M. G. Finn, Georgia Tech

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Prof. M.A. Roberts Reber, U. Georgia

Women Chemists of Color in the Southeast

Prof. Z. Wilson-Kennedy, LSU
Ethics logo

Intercollegiate Chemistry Ethics Bowl

Prof. Craig P. McClure, Drexel

Electrochemistry and Microfluidics

Prof. Steve Creager, Clemson

Advances in Chiral Analysis

Dr. Rina Dukor, BioTools

Advances in Actinide Coordination Chemistry and Ligand Design

Prof. Modi Wetzler, Clemson

Chemistry Applications of Neutron Scattering

Prof. John Larese, UT-Knox

Rad resistant/hardened novel materials

Dr. Aaron Washington, SRNL

Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Development

Prof. Siva Panda, AU

Mass Spectroscopy Methods in Nuclear Science

Dr. Brian Ticknor, ORNL

Nuclear Measurements- High Activity Radiochemistry and Nuclear Non-Destructive Assays

Dr. David DiPrete, SRNL

Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Prof. Dev Arya, Clemson