Special Events

SERMACS Awards Luncheon

ACS Past as Prologue: Action, Character, Strength
During the ACS centennial celebrations in 1976, ACS President Glenn T. Seaborg wrote that “the purpose of looking back is not, of course, merely to obtain satisfaction from reflecting on past triumphs; rather, it is to discover as many clues as possible to the likely developments of the future.”   Seaborg was wise; he knew that the key to success lies in carefully reflecting on the past, taking what is useful and beneficial, and planning strategically for the future.

The 35 chemists who gathered on April 6, 1876 for the organizing meeting of the ACS could hardly imagine what the coming years would bring for the science of chemistry and its practitioners.  Little did they realize that their dream of a stronger, local society would turn into the world’s largest scientific organization. Of the literally hundreds of stories that could be told about ACS, this presentation will focus on three pivotal movements in ACS history to illustrate the action, character and strength of the ACS and its members.

About the Speaker
Frank Walworth is Assistant Secretary for Governance Affairs, American Chemical Society.  In this capacity he assists the Secretary and General Counsel in managing issues and activities relating to Society governance, including those of the Board of Directors and Council. Formerly, Frank supported the activities of the members of the presidential succession and the chair of the Board of Directors. Before joining the Secretary’s staff in 1999 to coordinate the planning, development, and production of ACS’ 125th Anniversary celebrations in 2001, Frank managed the Office of Professional Services in the ACS Department of Career Services. He has more than 30 years’ experience in program management, career and vocational guidance, adult education, and has given numerous workshops and presentations on personal assessment, communication skills, organizational growth, and community building.