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How to Empower Materials Science R&D with an Electronic Lab Notebook

Those working in the fields of material science face intense challenges to get commercially viable products to market faster than ever. From disciplines spanning product management, formulations, and testing to process chemistry and process technology, there is an ongoing need to increase efficiency and ROI. In addition, R&D organizations with effective IT support systems will have a significant competitive advantage. Research organizations will realize immediate benefits and improve their efficiencies by recording experiments in a collaborative online platform. Signals Notebook is a cloud-native electronic lab notebook embedded with ChemDraw that:

  • Enables recording & sharing of many types of data and experiments across a project team
  • Provides a central location for knowledge & data from previous experiments to optimize development of new chemicals or materials
  • Facilitates requesting & recording of analytical test results for chemicals or materials
  • Correlates all the relevant project data together to drive decisions

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